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    This is a blog about the style of gamer life, who understands the style of video games as art, culture, business, and entertainment; the style of those plays, but especially those who think the games; the style of gamer who takes, and see it not escapism, but a complement to all other aspects of their existence and aspirations peacefully revolt. Wait philosophical topics, amenities, discussions, polemics, opinion, all this together and none of it too. Anyway, long live the style of gamer life and come here to discuss it.
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Best of the decade: final result 200 + best of 2000

Posted by Fabão on 30th December 2009

Step 01: 2000 | Step 02: 2001 | Step 03: 2002 | Stage 04 2003 | Step 05: 2004 | Step 06: 2005 | Step 07: 2006 | Step 08: 2007 | Step 09: 2008 | Step 10: 2009 | Partial Result | Years Couple: Semifinal 1 | Semifinal 2: Odd Years | Final Decade | Final Result

The last stage of the Great Election of the Decade stayed in the air for five days, ensuring handily, the record of votes: 728, almost double of the year with the most votes. Thus, the election that began on the first day of December was concluded, ordering the 20 titles that have gone through the preliminary steps of the ten and two semifinals filter. For the grand finale, the novelty is that the result was secret, meaning no one could see the partial, campaigns and tricks to avoid favoring any title. Also reinforced security measures to prevent someone send vote repeatedly. The aim was to ensure more spontaneous possible outcome, and I think that happened, though some earlier trends have been confirmed. No more, so know the result of the last stage of the Great Election of the Decade:

Best of the Decade: Final Results

Game Votes Percentage
1 Shadow of the Colossus (SCEA, PS2, 2005) 81 11.1%
2 Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo Wii, 2007) 71 9.8%
3 Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Konami, PS2, 2004) 43 5.9%
4 God of War (SCEA, PS2/PS3, 2005) 42 5.8%
5 Final Fantasy X (Square EA, PS2, 2001) 41 5.6%
6 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (Konami, PS3, 2008) 40 5.5%
7 Half-Life 2 (Vivendi, 360/PC/PS3, 2004) 40 5.5%
8 Grand Theft Auto IV (Rockstar, 360/PC/PS3, 2008) 37 5.1%
9 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (SCEA, PS3, 2009) 37 5.1%
10 Resident Evil 4 (Capcom, GC/PC/PS2/Wii, 2005) 34 4.7%
11 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo, GC, 2003) 33 4.5%
12 God of War II (SCEA, PS2/PS3, 2007) 30 4.1%
13 Chrono Cross (Square EA, PS1, 2000) 30 4.1%
14 Kingdom Hearts II (Square Enix, PS2, 2006) 29 4.0%
15 Final Fantasy XII (Square Enix, PS2, 2006) 27 3.7%
16 Metroid Prime (Nintendo GC / Wii, 2002) 27 3.7%
17 BioShock (2K Games, 360/PC/PS3, 2007) 25 3.4%
18 Okami (Capcom, PS2/Wii, 2006) 23 3.2%
19 Braid (Number None, 360/PC/PS3, 2008) 20 2.7%
20 ICO (SCEA, PS2, 2001) 18 2.5%

Therefore, the magnum opus of Fumito Ueda Shadow of the Colossus, is the game of the decade, according to the virtual constituency who was involved in the process. The PlayStation 2 game of all time 2005 was followed very closely by Super Mario Galaxy, the finest 3D foray Hero Nintendo. But while the first two positions are shaped clear in the first few tens of votes received, the third position was disputed and changed hands numerous times over the vote. At the end, five games were very close to winning, with a range of only four votes apart. Excelled Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (best of the series, in my opinion), only one vote in front of God of War, which, in turn, was one vote besides Final Fantasy X; below the trio, tied, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots and Half-Life 2 - and discretion to resolve recurring draws this final was the overall ratings given to securities in the first part, after the first ten steps (ordered by parity criterion, which explain below).

Some anomalies worth noting. Final Fantasy X, for example, was tied for first with Shadow of the Colossus in the semifinal of odd years - which reinforces my suspicion that someone cheated to favor him. In the same semifinal, God of War II were left in front of the first, and now the original was well above. The same happened with MGS3 and MGS4 in the semifinal of even-numbered years. ICO, which had been highlighted in the semifinal, was now in last place (but last place of the top 20, remember). The differences indicate that the results of course can suffer when the partial adaptive trends are revealed, and that the end result with secret, may have even passed more spontaneously. For comparison, the results follow the last four steps:

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